LVX refuse bodies with capacities of 20 and 22 m3 work with 26 – 32t GVW chassis equipped with hooklift devices with a minimum power of 20t. Dedicated to companies that do not have full workload on vehicles with hook devices or as emergency garbage truck.

LVX container 20 – 22
Roof STRENX 650 4 mm
Walls HARDOX 450 3,2 mm
Floor STRENX 650 6 mm
Ejector plate HARDOX 450 3,2 mm
Press plate HARDOX 450 6 mm
LVX tailgate
Side walls HARDOX 450 3,2 mm
Roof STRENX 650 4 mm
Hooper HARDOX HiAce 6 mm
Hooper side walls STRENX 650 6 mm
Frame complies with DIN 30722 norm
Model LVX 20 LVX 22
Chassis type 26 – 32t GVW 26 – 32t GVW
Container length 4 700 mm 4 960 mm
Container length with tailgate 6 430 mm 6 685 mm
Container width 2 550 mm 2 550 mm
Ear height 1 570 mm 1 570 mm
Frame width 1 060 mm 1 060 mm
Weight* 6 600 kg 7 200 kg
The length of the frame depends on the length of the hooklift device
*Approximate value depends on the length of the hooklift device
  • You can pull in the structure using the same principle as with a metal container    
  • Enable container lock
  • Switching the three-way valve from hooklift device operation to LVX refuse body
  • Connecting with quick connectors:
    • Hydraulic
    • Pneumatic
    • Electric
  • Switching the three-way valve from LVX refuse body operation to hooklift device operation
  • Disabling container lock
  • Disconnecting quick connectors:
    • Hydraulic
    • Pneumatic
    • Electric
  • Removal of the refuse body by using the same principle as with a metal container
  • Press system without guiding rails and foced movements
  • Press force approximately 28T
  • Complete press cycle lenght up to 19 – 24 seconds (depending on the oil pump output)
Operated containers (with EN840 standard):
90 120 140
180 240 360
660 770 1100
  • Compliant with EN840 standard
  • Emptying 1100 liter containers with arms and with by ridge
  • Load capacity 500 kg
  • Cycle length 6 – 12 seconds
  • Opening mechanism for the round lid 1100 L containers
  • Smooth regulation of lifting and lowering speed
  • Shaking function
  • Possibility of preparation for RFID system
  • Hydraulic components of the HYDROPAC brand, all functions of the hydraulic distributor controlled by solenoid valves
  • Oil cooler with thermal sensor
  • Oil tank capacity 235 L
  • HL32 hydraulic oil
  • Pressure in the hydraulic system ~230 BAR
  • Oil pump brand: Sunfab / Parker, matched to the chassis parameters and bodywork requirements
  • Automatic control of engine speed depending on the load on the hydraulic system
  • The structure is shot-blasted in a robotic industrial shot-blasting plant, painted several times in a professional dust-free paint shop, with a final layer of clear varnish. We use painting materials supplied by the Swedish manufacturer OEAB
  • High-quality, primerless polyurethane paint
  • Acrylic clear gloss varnish
  • Polyurethane paints are characterized by very high durability, adhesion to metal, chemical resistance and excellent color retention. The painting technique while maintaining 140 microns gives us a C4 corrosion class
  • Safety reversing system: camera with 7″ monitor (in the cabin)
  • Acoustic signal warning about reversing the vehicle, raising and lowering the tailgate
  • Lowering the tailgate and operating from the outside via a two-hand button in accordance with EN 1501-1
  • There are two emergency stop buttons on the body and one in the driver’s cabin
  • When the emergency stop switch is pressed, all bodywork functions are inhibited until unlocked again
  • Reflective according to DIN 30710
  • Stripes defining the contours of the vehicle in accordance with road traffic guidelines and regulations