DGT two-chamber refuse bodies with a capacity of 19 m3. It is an ideal solution for selective waste collection. By allowing waste to be collected in two separate chambers, it significantly increases work efficiency and reduces logistics costs.

DGT container 19
Roof STRENX 650 4 mm
Walls HARDOX 450 3,2 mm
Floor STRENX 650 6 mm
Ejector plate HARDOX 450 3,2 mm
Press plate HARDOX 450 6 mm
DGT tailgate 19
Side walls STRENX 650 3 mm
Roof STRENX 650 4 mm
Hooper HARDOX HiAce 6 mm
Hooper side walls STRENX 650 6 mm
Capacity of the wider chamber 13 m3
Capacity of the wider chamber 6 m3
Basic parameters
Chassis type 26 GVW
Container length 4 950 mm
Container length with tailgate 6 530 mm
Container height 2 330 mm
Container width 2 550 mm
Weight * 8 890 kg
* Approximate value depends on type
  • Double independent control system for compaction presses
  • Linear press system
  • Automatic cycle activated by buttons/switches located on both sides of the tailgates
  • Hydraulic cylinders located inside the tailgate, mounted with the piston rods upwards, ensuring loading of waste in every position of the compaction press
  • Full length of the press cycle: 19-24 seconds (depending on the oil pump output)
  • Press force 1 to 5
  • Flexible front mounting of the container according to requirements of chassis manufacturers
  • Rear fixed mountings according to requirements of chassis manufacturers
Operated containers for wider chamber (with EN840 standard):
90 120 140
180 240 360
660 770 1100
Supported containers for narrow chamber (with EN840 standard):
90 120 140
180 240 360
  • Compliant with EN840 standard
  • Independent operation of two lifters at the same time
  • Emptying 1100 liter containers with arms and with by ridge
  • Opening mechanism for the round lid 1100 L containers
  • Smooth regulation of lifting and lowering speed
  • Shaking function
  • Container emptying cycle time 120 – 360 l up to 8 seconds (narrower chamber)
  • Cycle time for emptying a 1100 l container: up to 12 seconds (wider chamber)
  • Possibility of preparation for RFID system
  • Two folding footboards for operators with sensors automatically informing the driver which currently is occupied
  • Functions: limit the driving speed to 30 km/h and prevent the vehicle from reversing
  • Hydraulic components of the HYDROPAC brand, all functions of the hydraulic distributor controlled by solenoid valves
  • Oil cooler with thermal sensor
  • Oil tank capacity 235 L
  • HL32 hydraulic oil
  • Pressure in the hydraulic system ~230 BAR
  • Oil pump brand: Sunfab / Parker, matched to the chassis parameters and bodywork requirements
  • Automatic control of engine speed depending on the load on the hydraulic system
  • The structure is shot-blasted in a robotic industrial shot-blasting plant, painted several times in a professional dust-free paint shop, with a final layer of clear varnish. We use painting materials supplied by the Swedish manufacturer OEAB
  • High-quality, primerless polyurethane paint
  • Acrylic clear gloss varnish
  • Polyurethane paints are characterized by very high durability, adhesion to metal, chemical resistance and excellent color retention. The painting technique while maintaining 140 microns gives us a C4 corrosion class
  • Safety reversing system: camera with 7″ monitor (in the cabin)
  • Acoustic signal warning about reversing the vehicle, raising and lowering the tailgate
  • Lowering the tailgate and operating from the outside via a two-hand button in accordance with EN 1501-1
  • There are two emergency stop buttons on the body and one in the driver’s cabin
  • When the emergency stop switch is pressed, all bodywork functions are inhibited until unlocked again
  • Reflective according to DIN 30710
  • Stripes defining the contours of the vehicle in accordance with road traffic guidelines and regulations